Saturday, November 2, 2013

The ISS Top Ten

Paige Nickason, the first patient to have brain surgery performed by a robot, points to the area on her forehead where neuroArm performed surgery to remove a tumor from her brain. Image source: Jason Stang via A Lab Aloft.

Over the last two weeks, International Space Station Program Scientist Julie Robinson has used the ISS blog A Lab Aloft to list her Top Ten ISS Research Results.

All ten are now online, so here they are with links to each article.

1. New Targeted Method of Chemotherapy Drug Delivery; Clinical Breast Cancer Trials Now in Development

2. Robotic Assist for Brain Surgery

3. Dark Matter is Still Out There

4. 43 Million Students and Counting

5. Pathway for Bacterial Pathogens to Become Virulent

6. New Process of “Cool Flame” Combustion

7. Colloid Self Assembly Using Electrical Fields for Nanomaterials

8. Hyperspectral Imaging for Water Quality in Coastal Bays

9. Understanding Mechanisms of Osteoporosis and New Drug Treatments

10. Preventing Loss of Bone Mass in Space Through Diet and Exercise

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