Thursday, January 23, 2014

Dream Chaser at O&C?

Click the arrow to watch the video on YouTube. Video source: WESH-TV Orlando.

WESH-TV Channel 2 in Orlando reported last night that the Sierra Nevada Dream Chaser will be processed at Kennedy Space Center's Operations and Checkout Building, commonly known as the O&C.

In the above video, reporter Dan Billow states:

The space vehicle will be prepped for launch at the Kennedy Space Center in the same building as NASA's new Orion spacecraft.

That would be the O&C.

WESH otherwise reports what's been known for a while now, that Sierra Nevada intends to do a test flight atop an Atlas V in 2016.

The media event is today at 3:00 PM EST, so hopefully we'll have details by the end of the day.

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