Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Star Trek: Kitumba

Click the arrow to watch “Kitumba” on YouTube. Video source: Star Trek: Phase II.

Star Trek: Phase II is a decade-long project by dedicated fans to create a fourth season of the original Star Trek series.

Originally titled Star Trek: New Voyages, it switched to Phase II a few years ago in reference to the aborted attempt in the 1970s to resurrect the original series with a sequel titled Star Trek: Phase II. That project evolved into the first Star Trek motion picture, with Phase II sets used in the movie.

This modern incarnation of Phase II has several episodes written by professional science fiction writers, including some who wrote for the original series. David Gerrold, who wrote “The Trouble with Tribbles,” joined the production team in June as its show-runner, essentially an executive producer.

The acting isn't that great, but the episodes are produced with loving care. Several professional actors with ties to Star Trek have appeared in the episodes, including George Takei, Walter Koeing and Denise Crosby. The effects and sets are for the most part excellent, and acceptable when you think about how primitive were production values in the 1960s compared to today.

How do they pay for all this? Donations by fans, and funds raised by James Cawley who plays Captain James T. Kirk in most of the episodes. He's leaving the role to concentrate on production; one frustrating aspect of this fan production is that cast members come and go. Some are better than others; at least three have played Mr. Spock, none to my satisfaction, but then it's hard to compete with Leonard Nimoy.

Anyway, if you appreciate their effort with the above episode feel free to click here to donate to their production. You can find all their episodes, vignettes and behind-the-scenes documentaries on the YouTube channel StarTrekPhase2DE.

Elsewhere in fandom, a full-length film titled Star Trek: Renegades is in post-production. Star Trek: Voyager cast member Tim Russ directs, and actors from several different flavors of Trek series reprise their original roles or play new ones. No release date has been announced.

Click the arrow to watch the second released trailer for “Star Trek: Renegades” on YouTube. Video source: Star Trek: Renegades.

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  1. Thanks for that. I had not heard about the fan produced reprise of the original series or the Star Trek Voyager based film in post-production.

    Bob Clark