Saturday, February 8, 2014

Retro Saturday: Hey! What's Space Station Freedom?

Click the arrow to watch “Hey! What's Space Station Freedom?” on YouTube. NASA Scientific and Technical Information Program.

This week's Retro Saturday video is a 1992 NASA educational compilation titled, Hey! What's Space Station Freedom?

The cynic in me is tempted it be retitled, Hey! Where's Space Station Freedom?!

Anyway ... This was intended as an educational tool for middle school teachers and students.

Part of the video is a compilation of presidential addresses proposing new or expanded space programs. The commentator suggests teachers use this segment to encourage students to discuss these proclamations. I would suggest using it to help students understand the concept of unintended consequences, false promises, government pork and the inner workings of the space-industrial complex.

Gosh, there's the cynic in me again.

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