Saturday, March 1, 2014

Hailing Frequencies Open

A few of you who've known me for a long time know that, in a prior life, I had a loose affiliation with the Star Trek franchise.

So I was a bit surprised when, in a series of tweets yesterday, William Shatner expressed interest in the next SpaceX launch.

Although you've heard Shatner's voice narrating a number of space videos and public service announcements, he readily admits he's never been that interested in space exploration.

Leonard Nimoy, his Vulcan-playing sidekick, is a patron of the Griffith Observatory.

Shatner last year declined an offer to fly with Virgin Galactic because he's afraid of flying.

So I'm a bit skeptical of this exchange last night on Twitter:

Perhaps Mr. Shatner's Twitter account got hacked.

If you go to his Twitter account, those messages no longer exist.

But if Bill happens to show up here on the Space Coast March 16 ... Welcome to NewSpace, the final frontier ...


  1. Maybe he said thank you to the launch date info, and not the invitation. To sheepishly go?

  2. They didn't tell him it's 4:41 AM EST. That would scare off a lot of folks. :-)