Friday, May 9, 2014

The Next Space Race

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Bloomberg TV on May 27 aired a half-hour documentary titled, The Next Space Race. It focused on the three commercial crew finalists — Boeing, Sierra Nevada and SpaceX.

The full-length version is above and available here. You can also find bits and pieces here.

Although the program is a fairly comprehensive overview of the commercial crew program, it did miss one essential component — the Bigelow Aerospace expandable habitats.

The program's narrator asks representatives for each of the three companies where is their market if they don't get the NASA commercial crew contract. If any of them mentioned Bigelow, it wasn't included in the final cut.

Boeing and Bigelow held a joint media event April 30 in Las Vegas to discuss their partnership and display their vehicles. Boeing revealed the CST-100 interior that could carry up to seven passengers.

SpaceX and Bigelow announced an agreement in May 2012 to market their services in Asia.

Sierra Nevada has yet to publicly announce any relationship with Bigelow.

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