Saturday, November 8, 2014

ZGSI Goes to Market

On November 3 I wrote about Zero Gravity Solutions Inc. had begun filling commercial orders for its product BAM-FX™, an agricultural nutrient delivery system originally developed for growing food crops in space vehicles on deep space missions.

ZGSI issued a new press release November 5 announcing that “has completed the regulatory requirements necessary to commence the sale and distribution of the Company’s first commercial product, BAM-FX in seven states.”

As part of the rollout of BAM-FX in key agricultural markets, initially in North America, Mexico, Chile and select international markets, the Company is now establishing a master dealer and distributor network.

“In order to accelerate utilization of our new BAM-FX technology for the agricultural industry, we are concentrating on those crops for which our data has shown increased yield and economic benefits by using BAM-FX,” stated Glenn Stinebaugh, CEO of BAM Agricultural Solutions, Inc.

The seven states in which the Company has finalized the regulatory requirements to commence sales and distribution of BAM-FX are: Utah, Idaho, Iowa, Maryland, Delaware, Nevada, Arizona; California, Texas and Florida are pending.

I'm looking forward to finding BAM-FX on the shelf at my local Home Depot ...

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