Monday, December 5, 2016

Standing Up for SpaceX

Driving by Pad 39A today, I noticed SpaceX had their transporter erector (also known as a strongback) vertical on the pad. I was a passenger, so I could only shoot photos through the car window.

Feel free to use these photos elsewhere, just credit Click on the image to view at a larger size.


  1. I see only one tesla? Nice if all were!

  2. So do you think the elevator for commercial crew will be integrated into the existing RSS, or do you think it will be an entirely new construction project?

    1. SpaceX will use the existing elevator in the Fixed Service Structure, the tower to the right with the lightning mast on the top. The access arm is being assembled right now in a nearby facility. (I'm not supposed to say where .)

    2. I got you. Thanks for the info.