Sunday, January 15, 2017

Blue's Origin, Part 5

An image released December 6, 2016 of an artist's concept of the Blue Origin administrative office and factory. Click the image to view at a larger size. Image source: Blue Origin.

The last time I posted photos of the Blue Origin construction site was October 30, 2016. One structure since then seems to have finished its outer walls, while the second is taking shape.

Blue founder Jeff Bezos released the above illustration in December showing what the main building will look like. This is the one facing Space Commerce Road.

The site is accessed by four entrances, labelled with big signs "A" through "D."

Here are photos I took today of the site from Space Commerce Road, driving from southeast to northwest.

You're welcome to use these images elsewhere, just credit Click an image to view at a larger size.

The power plant across the street and south of the main building.

An overhead image released December 6, 2016 of the construction site. Image source: Blue Origin.

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