Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Going Up, Part 12

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According to media reports, SpaceX may attempt soon its first launch from Kennedy Space Center's Pad 39A, so it's time to take another photo trip around the pad.

Most noticeable in recent weeks is the removal of parts of the former Shuttle-era rotating Service Structure. The Payload Changeout Room is being dismantled. It was an enclosed environmentally controlled room where payloads could be transferred into the orbiter's payload bay from a canister transported from the space center's industrial area.

The payload canister being lifted on June 17, 2011 into the Payload Changeout Room for transfer to Atlantis for the final Shuttle mission. Image source: NASA.

These images were taken on January 15, 2016. As always, use elsewhere is permitted if credit is given to SpaceKSC.com. Click on an image to see it at a larger size.

Can you find the bobcat in the grass?

The bobcat about to enter the undergrowth.

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