Saturday, February 27, 2010

Miles O'Brien Testifies Before Congress

Former CNN space anchor Miles O'Brien testified before Congress on February 24 about the Obama Administration's proposal to change NASA. You can read his remarks at:

His concluding remarks:

NASA was not getting anywhere doing business the way it had been. Over the years, the money required to keep flying the shuttle safely left little room to push the envelope – as they say. With this budget, the money will be there to pursue some new propulsion technologies that might get us to Mars in a reasonable period of time; or find some better ways to arrive in orbit and on the surface of another planet; or work on closed loop life support systems; or come up with ways for future explorers to use the resources that exist on Mars.

In one sense, we won’t going anywhere I suppose. But we will be exploring – taking the necessary first steps on the journey we have dreamed of for years. I only wish we had started sooner.

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