Saturday, March 13, 2010

Obama Proposes Space Export Controls Reform

Space Politics reports "President Obama announced that a new proposal for reforming export control policies — the bane of the commercial space industry in the US for a decade now — is in the works."

Obama's remarks were to the Export-Import Bank annual conference on March 10.

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Space Politics describes NASA's role in Obama's proposal:

NASA is also involved in the export control reform effort, deputy administrator Lori Garver said Wednesday at the Goddard Memorial Symposium. "This is an administration-led issue," she said in response to a question on [International Traffic in Arms Regulations]. "We are trying to get all the data we can about the kinds of things that ITAR restrictions have kept us from doing that have actually led to this nation being less secure rather than more." She said that most people in the industry acknowledge that ITAR has been a "hindrance" to companies as well as organizations trying to cooperate with international partners on space projects. "NASA is one of the reasons why ITAR needs to be reformed, but not the only one. This is an administration-led activity we are active participants in."

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