Friday, June 4, 2010

SpaceX Falcon 9 Test Launch Today

As of 9:30 AM EDT, Falcon 9 is still go for launch, although the weather forecast degrades in the early afternoon. The launch window is 11 AM to 3 PM EDT.

SpaceX will provide a live webcast of the launch starting at 10:40 AM EDT. Click here for the webcast page.

Todd Halvorson of Florida Today has an excellent article on SpaceX and Falcon 9.

The article concludes:

The company aims to significantly lower the high cost of space launch. It advertises Falcon 9 flights for $40 million to $48 million -- a significant cost savings over comparable rockets that cost $130 million to $150 million to fly.

Significantly lowering launch costs would significantly increase the number of exploration missions, and the number of people, flying into space.

"We really want to open up space to humanity and make it accessible to a huge number of people. That's our long-term goal -- sort of democratizing space," [SpaceX founder Elon] Musk said.

"Commercial space is the only way to go," Musk said. "If we go with super-expensive government developments, in the absence of a massive increase in the government budget, we will never do anything interesting in space."

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