Sunday, June 13, 2010

Upgrading KSC

The $2 billion upgrade proposed for Kennedy Space Center would include modifying the Vehicle Assembly Building to process multiple vehicle designs.

Today's Florida Today has a lengthy article detailing improvements planned at Kennedy Space Center under President Obama's proposed FY 2011 NASA budget.

... The proposed expenditure of $1.9 billion to modernize KSC over the next five years could create up to 1,000 construction jobs, according to some in the industry, while transforming the center into a modern spaceport ready for either the next generation NASA rocket or commercial or private spacecraft.

Among the projects is a plan to update the iconic Vehicle Assembly Building so that it can process multiple vehicle designs. This would help accommodate commercial craft from ULA, SpaceX, Orbital, etc.

Pad 39B would be razed to allow commercial companies to use their own proprietary mobile launchers instead of one government design.

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