Wednesday, December 8, 2010

News Reports on the SpaceX COTS-1 Launch

This photo is on the front page of the December 9 Florida Today. The 72-point headline reads, 'MIND BLOWING'.

This entry will be edited over the next few days to add links to articles as I find them.

Florida Today "Dragon Spacecraft Debut Proves to be 'Mind Blowing'"

Florida Today "Space X Success Thrills, Enthuses"

Orlando Sentinel "SpaceX Brings Dragon Capsule Back to Earth" "A Space-Age First: A Commercial Craft Returns from Low-Earth Orbit"

Time "Astronauts Inc.: The Private Sector Muscles Out NASA"

Associated Press "Company Launches Spacecraft Into Orbit and, in Historic First, Returns It Safely to Earth"

Los Angeles Times "Successful Test Flight is Giant Step for SpaceX"

The New York Times "Private Spacecraft Returns Safely From Orbit"

Washington Post "SpaceX Rocket Launch Heralded As Successful Test of Commercial Spaceflight"

CBS News "SpaceX Hails 'Mind-Blowingly Awesome' Test Flight"

Yahoo! News "'Too Good to be True': SpaceX Mission Appears Nearly Flawless" "Private Space Capsule Launch 'Mind-Blowingly Awesome'"

Aviation Week "Dragon Capsule Returns from Space"

Aviation Week "SpaceX Sees ISS Meet-up in 2011" "SpaceX Success Questions Whether Two More Demos Are Needed" "Photo Gallery: To orbit and back: SpaceX makes history with Dragon"

Florida Today "Our View: Musk's Game-Changer"

Houston Chronicle "Space Breakthrough: Houston, the Dragon Has Landed"

Huntsville Times "Editorial: A Space Agency in Transition"

AOL News "Opinion: SpaceX Succeeds; Will Congress Notice?"

The Space Review "2010: The Year Commercial Human Spaceflight Made Contact"

The Space Review "Commercial Space and the Media"

Editorial cartoon in the December 9 Houston Chronicle.

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  1. Here's the story at "SciGuy" Eric Berger's blog at the Houston Chronicle.