Thursday, August 11, 2011

Commercial Company Close to Leasing Shuttle Hangar

Kennedy Space Center Director Robert Cabana. Photo source: Florida Today.

Florida Today reports KSC Director Bob Cabana says he's close to a deal with an unnamed commercial company to lease OPF-3, the former home of the Space Shuttle orbiter Atlantis.

Cabana declined to name the company, but Florida Today reported on July 15 that it's Boeing, confirming a rumor I'd heard two weeks before.

Today's article reports the company "hopes to employ 500 to 600 people."

Cabana said that due to increased commercial space activity on the Space Coast, "he expects the combined work force to reach 10,000 in about three years."

"I want to guarantee you that Kennedy Space Center is not shutting," Cabana said, a comment that generated applause. "I promise you we are going to get through this."

Reflecting on the end of the shuttle program, Cabana said, "We have to accept it. It's time to move on now. What was, was. We can't do anything about it. We have to evolve."

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