Saturday, August 6, 2011

Smoke Gets In Your Eyes

A prescribed burn August 6 near the Vehicle Assembly Building.

I was out and about at Kennedy Space Center today when I noticed a column of smoke south of the Vehicle Assembly Building.

Apparently it was a prescribed burn, although at times it looked like an uncontrolled conflagration.

The above image was taken looking west from where the crawler way branches to Launch Complex 39B from enroute to 39A. You can see the VAB on the right. The KSC press site is to the left of the VAB, just north of the fire.

UPDATE August 8, 2011 — More prescribed burns yesterday at KSC and CCAFS:

A prescribed burn obscures LC-41. The photo was shot from NASA Causeway East.

The same prescribed burn as viewed from the north, near LC-39A.

A prescribed burn south of the VAB, near Saturday's burn.

The same prescribed burn as viewed from the VAB, looking towards the KSC press site.

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