Sunday, August 21, 2011

Space Coast Promotes High-Tech Manufacturing Jobs

Florida Today reports that "the time may be right" to push for developing high-tech manufacturing jobs in Brevard County.

One of the top goals of the [Economic Development Commission of Florida's Space Coast] and Space Florida, the state agency charged with strengthening the space industry in the Sunshine State, is to boost aerospace and aviation employment in Brevard, including in the manufacturing sector.

Officials from both agencies attend trade shows, meet with lawmakers on incentive packages and generally put out the word to companies that even though the space shuttle program has ended, Brevard remains a viable player in this arena.

Commercial space companies are in the crosshairs.

A loftier effort will be to lure commercial space related companies to Brevard and convince them that building rockets near the launch pads makes good economic sense. Higher operating costs and more stringent business regulations in other states with space-related manufacturing — California, for example — could make Florida all the more appealing, said Space Florida President Frank DiBello.

While getting a company to move a large manufacturing operation from one state to another can become a political issue as much as anything, DiBello is making the case that any new space-related production lines — including small satellite manufacturing — could be cheaper in Florida, near the point of launch.

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