Friday, September 2, 2011

Academic Study: Prioritize Commercial Space

Aviation Week reports that an interim report from the National Research Council urges NASA to prioritize growth of commercial space.

The report does not appear to be online yet. According to the National Academies web site, the report is "tentatively scheduled for release in September. However, release dates depend on successful completion of the review process and publishing schedules."

To quote from the Aviation Week article:

A National Research Council (NRC) committee evaluated the 14 road maps developed by NASA’s new Office of the Chief Technologist as part of the Obama administration’s new plan to advance space exploration by pushing the readiness levels of technologies that will be needed for exploration across the Solar System.

While the panel found the effort “encouraging,” it identified what it called gaps in the approach, including the lack of attention to commercial spaceflight. Also new under the Obama space policy is an effort to fly on commercial carriers to deliver cargo and crew to low Earth orbit (LEO), leaving NASA to concentrate on exploration deeper into space.

While searching the National Academies web site, I came across another 2011 report that might interest you. It's titled Recapturing a Future for Space Exploration: Life and Physical Sciences Research for a New Era. It's available for free through the National Academies Press web site. Click here to download a free PDF of the report. If you're not already registered, you will need to sign in as a guest with an e-mail address to download the report.

UPDATE September 5, 2011Here's the link for the Technologies Roadmap report. You will need to register as described above to download the file.

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