Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Rohrabacher Asks for Fuel Depot Study

Rep. Dana Rohrabacher during a May 2010 hearing on the future of U.S. human space flight. Image source: U.S. House of Representatives.

Space News reports that California Republican congressman Dana Rohrabacher "called on NASA Administrator Charles Bolden to deliver the space agency’s assessment of a space exploration architecture that uses in-space propellant depots and a fleet of commercially built rockets as an alternative to a single government-owned heavy-lift vehicle."

According to the article, Rohrabacher was told by Bolden at a July hearing that a NASA study had concluded a fuel depot was a more expensive option than the Space Launch System for sending the Orion Multi-Purpose Crew Vehicle beyond Earth orbit.

“We need to know that NASA completed a fair and balanced analysis to justify a down-select to a super-heavy-lift launch vehicle, which is a commitment of tens-of-billions of taxpayer dollars,” Rohrabacher wrote in the letter.

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