Monday, September 5, 2011

"What If" is Now Reality

Florida Today columnist John Kelly comments on the consequences of the recent Progress 44 failure.

NASA and its Russian partners have proven resourceful before and found creative ways to keep this station — and the Mir space station before it — operating under duress. So, there are reasons to remain optimistic that it can be worked out. But the problems being experienced right now were foreseen by people inside and outside NASA and there are many within the community saying, "Told you so."

Now that it has happened, the concrete planning is focused on supply management and evacuation schedules. Then, there's only hope that the Russians solve their issues fast and that SpaceX — and other private companies — stay on what appears to be an accelerated track toward developing new U.S. space flight capabilities. America needs a flight-worthy space transportation system in order to protect its investment in the space station.

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