Monday, October 31, 2011

It's Official: Boeing Will Move Into OPF-3

NASA Deputy Administrator addresses today's media event. Behind her are Florida Lt. Governor Jennifer Carroll and Kennedy Space Center Director Bob Cabana. Image source: NASA.

The worst kept secret in the Space Coast is finally a secret no more.

At a media event this morning, NASA and Space Florida announced that Boeing will occupy the Space Shuttle's former Orbiter Processing Facility 3 (OPF-3) to build the commercial crew vehicle CST-100.

NASA signed a use agreement for OPF-3 with Space Florida, which will lease it to Boeing.

Among the many dignitaries to attend were:

  • NASA Deputy Adminsitrator Lori Garver
  • U.S. Senator Bill Nelson (D-FL)
  • Rep. Sandy Adams (R-FL)
  • Rep. Bill Posey (R-FL)
  • Governor Rick Scott
  • Lt. Governor Jennifer Carroll

In NASA's web site announcement, President Barack Obama was quoted:

"The next era of space exploration won't wait, and so we can't wait for Congress to do its job and give our space program the funding it needs. That's why my Administration will be pressing forward, in partnership with Space Florida and the private sector, to create jobs and make sure America continues to lead the world in exploration and discovery," President Barack Obama said.

Click the arrow to watch the video of today's media event at OPF-3. It runs one hour.

The ceremony garnered perhaps the most media attention of any Kennedy Space Center event since the retirement of the Space Shuttle. Here's a sample:

Florida Today "NASA, Boeing Sign Deal to Build New Spacecraft at KSC"

Florida Today (updated) Boeing Brings Space Jobs Back to Brevard"

Bright House News 13 "NASA, Boeing to Add 550 Jobs at KSC in New Spacecraft Deal"

Orlando Sentinel "Boeing to Build Space Capsules at KSC"

Associated Press "Boeing Leasing Shuttle Hangar to Build New Capsule"

Time "Why NASA's Going-Out-of-Business Sale Is Good News for Florida"

Aviation Week "NASA Off-Loading Shuttle Infrastructure" "Boeing Brings New Jobs to Florida's Space Coast" "Boeing to Build Private Space Taxis in Old NASA Shuttle Hangar" "Boeing to Use Shuttle Facility for Commercial Capsule" "NASA Signs Agreement with Space Florida to Reuse Kennedy Facilities For Boeing CST-100 Development" Boeing’s CST-100 Leases OPF-3 Following NASA Agreement with Space Florida

Click the arrow to watch Florida Today's report on the media event. It may be preceded by an advertisement.

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