Monday, October 31, 2011

More on VAB Tours

Click the arrow to watch a Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex promotional video.

Following up on an October 25 post about the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex offering tours starting November 1 of the Vehicle Assembly Building, more stories are starting to appear in the press about this historic opportunity.

Bright House News 13 "Kennedy Space Center's VAB Tours Start Tuesday"

Associated Press (via The Washington Post) "Kennedy Space Center in Fla. Opens Vehicle Assembly Building to Tours for 1st Time since ‘78"

Orlando Attractions Magazine "New Tour Offers the First Public Look Inside Kennedy Space Center’s Vehicle Assembly Building"

UPDATE November 2, 2011 — Florida Today joins a VAB tour.

Hairdos blew, necks craned up as people gandered from the floor toward the upper reaches of the edifice, which is so big, weather systems — clouds and even rain — form within it.

Video cameras rolled. Still cameras flashed. People quite simply seemed amazed.

They all stood in a 700-foot-long corridor that separated towering High Bays 1 and 3 on the east side of the building, and High Bays 2 and 4 on the west side.

Here's a Florida Today video of the tour:

Click here to watch a WESH (Channel 2, Orlando) video of the tour.

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