Friday, January 6, 2012

KSC's 21st Century Begins reports on renovation work under way at Kennedy Space Center.

One of the largest projects involves the revitalization of the KSC Water and Wastewater Systems, which have been in place since the spaceport’s initial construction, back during the drive towards the Apollo moon missions.

This effort is now into phase 3 of a multi-phased effort which will – through various enhancements – improve water quality, reduce water consumption and required flushing, replace or repair ageing pipes that are susceptible to breaks or leaks, and increase overall water and wastewater system reliability.

As for the old Shuttle launch pads ...

Currently, Pad 39B is preparing to host the Space Launch System (SLS), following its conversion from a Shuttle pad into what is known as a “Clean Pad”. Such a design is required to create the space for the use of the Mobile Launcher (ML) on site, which made its debut trip to the pad at the end of last year.

Pad 39A is currently mothballed as a Shuttle pad, as much as it will never host one of the iconic shuttle stacks ever again. It is likely that the pad will be leased to an unnamed commercial suitor, who may in turn convert the pad for their needs.

Regarding the "unnamed commercial suitor," an informed source told me two months ago that SpaceX was in talks with NASA about using 39A for the Falcon Heavy. But the source was not authoritative. Various media reports have stated that SpaceX is looking for a Florida launch site for the Falcon Heavy.

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