Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Golden Years

Click the arrow to watch John Glenn and Scott Carpenter February 17 at the KSC Visitor Complex. You may be subjected to an ad first.

Sitting Friday in a display of Mercury Mission Control at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex, John Glenn and Scott Carpenter reminisced for the media about their historic flights fifty years ago.

The back-to-back launches 50 years ago of legendary Mercury astronauts John Glenn and Scott Carpenter marked a turning point in a Cold War battle with the Soviet Union, galvanizing Americans in a victorious race to the moon.

“Everyone was behind us. The whole nation was behind us. It gave us a lot of confidence to have all that support from across the nation, and particularly from the folks here in Cocoa Beach,” Carpenter said Friday in a news conference with Glenn at Kennedy Space Center.

Glenn and Carpenter will appear at KSCVC this evening at 6:30 PM. According to Florida Today:

Legendary Mercury astronauts John Glenn and Scott Carpenter will make a public appearance today at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex during a 6:30 p.m. celebration of the 50th anniversary of their Friendship 7 and Aurora 7 orbital spaceflights.

Regular admission to Visitor Complex is $43 plus tax for adults ($33 for children ages 3 to 11). Bleacher seating will be available to the first 750 guests to enter the complex, which opens at 9 a.m. today.

Admission to just the program is $15 plus tax and includes limited admission to the complex from 3 to 6 p.m. Due to limited seating, visitors are encouraged to bring folding chairs or blankets.

Call 866-737-5235 or visit

UPDATE February 19, 2012Florida Today has posted an article and a video excerpt from last night's event honoring Glenn and Carpenter:

The article and video do not tell the whole story. Glenn, Carpenter, U.S. Senator Bill Nelson and KSC Director Bob Cabana all talked about the importance of the International Space Station and the commercial launch program. Glenn in particular said he thought the ISS is going to be the most important investment in our space program to date. Hopefully the video of the complete event shows up on NASA's web site.

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