Friday, March 16, 2012

KSC's Future

A new seven-story glass and concrete structure will be the future administrative headquarters for Kennedy Space Center. Image source: has posted two articles looking at the future of Kennedy Space Center.

The KSC industrial area will be converted into a new Central Campus. Its anchor will be a new structure that will replace the current administrative headquarters.

Located between the current HQ building and the Operations & Checkout (O&C) building on D Avenue, Central Campus Phase 1 will be a 200,000 square foot facility that consolidates shared services, data centers, and office space in the Industrial Area.

Central Campus Phase 2 is a 150,000 square foot facility that will be integrated to the east side of Phase 1 and provides additional office space. When Phase 2 begins, the current HQ Building will be demolished.

UPDATE March 17, 2012Here's a NASA press release with more information on the new headquarters building and a second image.

A second article looks at the evolving design for the Space Launch System.

In its inaugural, Block 1 configuration, the SLS rocket will be capable of lofting 70 metric tons of payload off the surface of Earth.

As stated in the SLSP Launch Vehicle Specification document, “The Block 1 SLS configuration (~70 metric ton) is comprised of a 27.6-foot nominal outer wall diameter (cryogenic pressure vessels excluding thermal protection system foam and flanges) core stage, with propulsion provided by two five-segment PBAN solid rocket boosters and four RS-25D liquid hydrogen (LH2)/liquid oxygen (LO2) core stage engines.”

While the RS-25D engines are holdovers from the Space Shuttle Program, as are the SRB casings themselves, the 5-segment SRB is a direct heritage component of the now-defunct Constellation Program and the impressive work accomplished by ATK in developing and testing the new hardware elements required for the massive 5-segment solids.

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