Wednesday, April 11, 2012

SpaceX Plays Poker

On April 9 published a story about SpaceX applying for a Federal Aviation Administration license to operate a commercial spaceport near Brownsville in Cameron County, Texas.

Since then, observers have speculated on space advocacy sites about SpaceX's motives, and if launches from Brownsville are even practical given orbital mechanics and international overflight restrictions.

James Dean of Florida Today published a story this morning about the Space Coast's reaction to this proposal.

Space Florida, which has invested over $7 million to help expand SpaceX’s Cape Canaveral launch complex, is investigating options on the Cape and elsewhere in Florida.

Frank DiBello, president of the state aerospace economic development agency, called SpaceX’s pursuit of a commercial launch site “prudent business,” and said the Texas study doesn’t mean that site has beaten out others.

“If they were to proceed there versus some other alternatives, they have to pretty much build that from scratch, and that’s a big expenditure when we know there are alternatives,” he said. “We’re continuing the dialogue with the company on launch site possibilities. I do not see this as a rejection of any other site that they may be looking at.”

My personal opinion ... SpaceX has shown a preference for controlling its own destiny. This may be a way of sending a message to Space Coast government officials that SpaceX has another option if the company can't get a deal to their liking.

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  1. I think SpaceX sooner or later will build the commercial spaceport in Texas. Their business plan calls for more than 12 launches a year that the environmental study is for = they will need both Cape and Texas spaceports to achieve that.