Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Dragon Has Landed

The SpaceX Dragon cargo vehicle floats in the Pacific Ocean after splashdown. Photo credit: SpaceX.

Viewed worldwide through grainy imagery that reminded an older generation of Apollo capsule re-entries, the SpaceX Dragon cargo vehicle splashed down in the Pacific Ocean at 8:42 AM local time, 11:42 AM here on the Space Coast.

These are articles I've found so far on the latest chapter in this historic flight. More links will be posted as time permits.

CBS News "SpaceX Dragon Returns to Earth, Ends Historic Trip"

CNN "Dragon Returns to Earth After 'Grand Slam' Space Mission"

MSNBC "SpaceX's Dragon Splashes Down, Ending Historic Mission"

The Christian Science Monitor "As Dragon Capsule Splashes Down, SpaceX Begins to Convert Skeptics"

Florida Today "SpaceX Scores 'Grand Slam'"

Los Angeles Times "SpaceX's Mission Ends with a Splashdown in the Pacific"

Los Angeles Times "In a New Space Race, the Dragon, and Musk, Have Landed"

The New York Times "Home With the Trash, SpaceX Looks to More Private Flights"

The Wall Street Journal "SpaceX Splashdown Goes Smoothly"

Washington Post "SpaceX Capsule Returns to Earth, Ends Historic Trip to Space Station with Pacific Splashdown" "SpaceX Chief Elon Musk 'Overwhelmed' by Private Spaceship Success"

Click the arrow to watch Dragon land in the Pacific Ocean. Video credit: NASA.

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