Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Future Begins

Click the arrow to watch the SpaceKSC.com video of the SpaceX COTS-2 launch. Video credit: SpaceKSC.com.

The future began on May 22, 2012, at 3:44 AM Eastern Daylight Time, in what had been for millennia a swamp that was home for hundreds of alligators and billions of mosquitoes.

The mosquitoes returned in full force just in time for the launch, as if to remind Humanity that Nature still has its way here.

But the launch was Humanity's response that, one day, we may leave from this old swamp to go somewhere that mosquitoes never bite.

I took my share of mosquito bites as I filmed the historic launch of the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket, sending the Dragon capsule to the International Space Station.

(By the way, hand sanitizer is a quick and effective remedy. The swelling goes right down.)

Most "mainstream" media outlets on the Internet are reporting this as their lead story. Hopefully this will correct the general public's misperception that the United States no longer has a space program.

Here are links to articles about the launch. Start with this wonderful clip from CNN's John Zarrella:

Click the arrow to watch the video. You may be subjected to an ad first.

Then watch tonight's PBS Newshour report with Judy Woodruff and Miles O'Brien:

Click the arrow to watch the video.

Associated Press "Private Rocket Blasts Off for Space Station"

CBS News "SpaceX Cargo Ship Blasts Off to International Space Station in NASA's First Commercial Flight"

CNN "Historic Launch of Private Rocket Heralds New Era"

MSNBC "SpaceX Rocket Begins Milestone Mission to Space Station"

PBS Newshour "Miles O'Brien on SpaceX Launch: Space for the Rest of Us"

Aviation Week "SpaceX ISS Resupply Mission Off To Successful Start"

The Christian Science Monitor "SpaceX Launch: Private Industry Inspires New Generation of Rocketeers"

Florida Today "SpaceX Makes History as Dragon Capsule Speeds Toward ISS"

Houston Chronicle "While You Were Sleeping: Private Company Makes History with Successful Launch"

Los Angeles Times "NASA Hails SpaceX Launch as 'a New Era' for Spaceflight"

New York Times "Private Cargo Rocket Heads to Space Station"

Washington Post "Private Supply Ship, SpaceX Dragon, Rockets Toward Space Station, Opens New Era of Spaceflight"

More links will be posted as time permits.

The Falcon 9 launches from LC-40. Image credit: NASA.


  1. Great job Stephen! Your angle is fantastic and you maintained a very steady focus. Thank you!

  2. Not as steady as I would have liked ... It's hopping around just before launch because a mosquito flew in my ear at about T-10 seconds ...

  3. Very well done! I really enjoyed the sounds of the insects resuming after the thunder of the Falcon 9 dissipated.