Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Suborbital Aerospace Company Coming to Titusville

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Florida Today reports that the mysterious aerospace firm courted by Titusville officials in recent months is Utah-based Rocket Crafters.

Click here to visit the Rocket Crafters web site.

According to their web site, Rocket Crafters seems to be interested primarily in courting military customers. (Boldfaced emphasis in the original.)

Rocket Crafters, Inc. (“Rocket Crafters” or “RCI”) was founded in November 2010 to develop and commercialize a family of synergistic and interrelated aerospace products for the Commercial Space and Military Rocket & Guided Missile markets.

Our D-DART™ next-generation hybrid rocket motors represent the centerpiece of our planned product offering. Our rocket propulsion systems are being developed and engineered for integration with a broad-range of rockets, missiles, launch vehicles, and spacecraft. Our rocket propulsion systems are throttle capable, volume producible, affordable, consistent burning, high-performing, cluster-capable, and safe to manufacture, transport, and operate. The competitive advantages of our revolutionary hybrid rocket motor technology have been validated through a series of ground-based hot fire tests.

Today, we are developing a family of industry disruptive products of unprecedented value and safety. In addition to rocket motors, we are developing propellant production and supply services to support hybrid rocket powered vehicle operators and rocket powered trainers – dual propulsion jet/rocket aircraft and suborbital spacecraft to train a new generation of astronauts and spacecraft command pilots.

Our Defense Systems Group markets military variants of our products to the U.S. Department of Defense, and (subject to ITAR restrictions) to allied foreign military organizations.

The Spacecraft page on the site shows this image and text:

Our newly formed Spacecraft Division has embarked upon an exciting development program. Privately funded, our planned dual propulsion – jet and hybrid rocket powered trainers will create the world’s first opportunity for civilian pilots to get stick-n-rudder training in high-performance rocket powered aircraft and suborbital capable spaceplanes.

We plan to introduce a primary level trainer capable of teaching conventional-to-rocket powered flight transition before the end of 2012 and begin delivery of these exciting new jet/rocket powered aircraft to flight schools and aviation colleges beginning in 2013. Much of the design/engineering for our advanced sub-orbit capable spaceplane has been completed. We anticipate first flight sometime before the end of 2014.

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