Saturday, February 23, 2013

Space Shuttle Atlantis Exhibit

Click the arrow to watch a Florida Today video on the new home for Atlantis. You may be subjected to an ad first.

Florida Today reports that the official name for the Space Shuttle Atlantis exhibit will be ... the Space Shuttle Atlantis exhibit.

“We went through literally hundreds of name combinations for this,” said Bill Moore, Delaware North’s chief operating officer at the KSC visitor complex. “There were three words that kept coming up.”

Space. Shuttle. Atlantis.

“It’s very simple. It honors the soul of what it is,” Moore said. “And we’ll simply call the exhibit Space Shuttle Atlantis.”

The above Florida Today video takes you inside the Atlantis museum construction site. You'll also see the unveiling of the logo. Here's a closeup of that logo display:

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