Thursday, March 7, 2013

Go for Launch

On March 5 I joined the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex tour of the Launch Control Center. Here are photos.

Outside the lobby door.

Looking up at the adjacent Vehicle Assembly Building.

In the lobby ... Launch Complex 39 won a 1966 architectural award.

Orbiter flags hanging from the lobby ceiling.

A model of the VAB and LCC. On the wall is a 1980 mural by artist Ted Brown.

Up the elevator to the third floor. Nice to know it's still safe ... through next month.

A peek at Firing Room 3 under renovation. Down the hallway are Firing Rooms 2 and 1.

Entering Firing Room 4, looking up at the Launch Director console.

The view from the “bubble” looking at the firing room floor.

The view from the Launch Director console.

The Launch Director console. There's no big red LAUNCH button.

A closeup look of the Launch Director console.

Pad 39A from the Launch Director's view.

Pad 39B from the Launch Director's view.

The five orbiter placards and the countdown clocks.

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