Sunday, July 14, 2013

The Space Coast's Golden Spike

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The Denver Post reported July 12 that Florida and Texas are courting The Golden Spike Company to move operations to their states. Golden Spike hopes to send privately funded human expeditions to the moon by 2020.

"I would say (Texas and Florida) are night and day aggressive, in a positive sense, in the way they are courting us," said Alan Stern, president and CEO of Golden Spike. "Whereas, I don't know anyone in Colorado who has contacted anyone on our board. It is as if we don't exist in Colorado."

According to Stern, Florida began supporting Golden Spike in several ways late last year, including monetary investment, and Texas has invited the company into relocation talks.

"Golden Spike is not going to be generating a lot of jobs this year or next year, but it is more of the long-term investment," said Dale Ketcham, chief of strategic alliances at Space Florida. "They may or may not succeed, but there is a certain level of risk capital involved in the process and much of that is based upon the concepts and Alan Stern, who has a high level of credibility."

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