Saturday, March 29, 2014

Retro Saturday: Project Gemini, Bridge to the Moon

Click the arrow to watch the video on YouTube. Video source: NASAFlix YouTube channel.

This week's Retro Saturday film is Project Gemini: Bridge to the Moon, a 1999 documentary by Global Science Productions.

The film is a good overview of the Gemini program, whose history is often lost between Mercury and Apollo. But Gemini was the lynchpin, because it taught NASA all the major skills not only for the lunar program but also for what came afterwards. Spacewalks, rendezvous and docking, and long-duration spaceflight all began with Gemini.

Not all the footage in the documentary is accurate. For example, in the Gemini 9 segment it talks about the plane crash that killed Charles Bassett and Elliott See. They crashed in a NASA T-38 shortly after takeoff in St. Louis, Missouri. The documentary shows the crash of an experimental plane at Edwards Air Force Base.

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