Saturday, July 26, 2014

Awaiting the Check from Amgen

Click the arrow to watch the episode. Video source: ReelNASA YouTube channel.

This week's Space to Ground includes a question I posed via Twitter — what experiments conducted in microgravity have led to commercial products on the market?

If the question was selected, I guessed they might talk about Prolia by Amgen, and I guessed right.

In July 2013, I wrote about five medical discoveries in microgravity that were already on the market or in clinical trials.

One is Prolia, which helps women with osteoporosis.

Recently I saw this Prolia ad on television, featuring Blythe Danner.

Click the arrow to watch the ad. Video source: Premium Adverts YouTube channel.

No mention of space, alas, but it was nice to see an actual “Made in Space” product on the market.

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