Monday, November 3, 2014

Planting Roots in Space

Click the arrow to watch a July 2013 ZGSI promotional video. Video source: ZEROGSI YouTube channel.

About a year ago I wrote about Zero Gravity Solutions Inc., a NewSpace company based in Boca Raton using the International Space Station to develop microgravity agricultural solutions.

Their web site's home page features an image of the ISS with the caption, “This is our lab, 354km above the Earth.”

Last month on October 9, ZGSI issued a press release announcing their subsidiary BAM Agricultural Solutions “has commenced manufacturing, sales and revenue generation through the receipt of commercial-quantity orders for the Company's first agricultural product, BAM-FX. Zero Gravity Life Sciences will continue ongoing research and development work in conjunction with NASA and other institutions.”

According to their web site:

ZGSI's BAM-FX™ technology brings agriculture to a new era through a patented, nutrient delivery system platform technology that allows plants to systemically absorb almost any mineral from the soil, improving survivability and nutritive value. This groundbreaking new technology was originally developed by ZGSI founder and Chief Science Officer John W. Kennedy for growing food crops in space vehicles designed for deep space human missions, but has been found to have potentially far reaching applications also here on Earth.

Another ZGSI technology, Directed Selection™, “is a proprietary technology designed to use the unique conditions of near-zero gravity in low earth orbit to create plants with beneficial traits of great value to humanity.”

ZGSI's IP, derived from six research flights aboard the International Space Station (ISS), predicts that plant and animal stem cells exposed to prolonged microgravity in space can be endowed with new characteristics of great benefit to mankind. This Directed Selection technology was conceived by co-founder of ZGSI, John W. Kennedy, as a means to harness the natural genetic capacity present in the genome of the plant. Like all living things, plants include in their DNA a host of stress and immune responses, developed over the evolutionary history of the plant species. The stress response systems of plants include a native immune system, response to cold, drought or degrees of osmoprotection (salt-tolerance). Directed Selection uses the natural adaptation capacity of the plant, “activated” by microgravity in space, to direct plants toward valuable attributes, and the beneficial traits in the plant are achieved without Genetic Modification.

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