Thursday, December 4, 2014

Garver Unchained, Part III

Click the arrow to watch the Lori Garver interview. Video source: Bloomberg News YouTube channel.

It's little more than a year since Deputy Administrator Lori Garver left NASA in September 13 and became General Manager of the Air Line Pilots Association.

Since then, Garver has picked her spots to speak truth to power about the relationships between Congress, NASA and the agency's legacy contractors that funnel campaign money into Congress to protect their interests.

After today's Orion EFT-1 scrub, Garver appeared on Bloomberg News and was asked about why she's been critical of Orion and the Space Launch System.

You can watch the six-minute segment for yourself, but this quote will echo through the halls of NASA Headquarters and Congress:

I understand NASA likes to launch things, this is something that the contractors and the politicians who sold this mission to the Congress have decided they would like to proceed with, but it's not something that in my view is the best use of NASA resources.

Click the arrow to watch the segment. Video source: PBS NewsHour YouTube channel.

Garver was also on the PBS NewsHour last night, along with many others discussing the value of the Orion/SLS program.

You will unfortunately have to wade through Senator Dick Shelby (R-AL) first, who's been a staunch defender of NASA contractor pork. Shelby is a frequent winner of the Porker of the Month award from Citizens Against Government Waste.

UPDATE December 6, 2014 — Lori Garver appeared last night on the MSNBC program All In With Chris Hayes. Mr. Hayes tried to pin the SLS porkfest on Senator Richard Shelby (R-AL); Lori tried to expand the list of those responsible but the segment ran out of time.

Click the arrow to watch the segment. You may be subjected to an ad first. Video source: MSNBC.

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