Thursday, December 4, 2014

Your Tax Dollars at Work

Click the arrow to watch the clip. Video source: SenBillNelson YouTube channel.

Senator Bill Nelson (D-FL) took to a deserted U.S. Senate floor today to inform the empty seats of the postponed Orion EFT-1 launch.

Nelson is one of the political architects of the Space Launch System, atop which Orion might someday launch. Critics have dubbed SLS the Senate Launch System to note Nelson's involvement in spawning this pork project.

He's fond of calling SLS “the Monster Rocket,” apparently oblivious to the Frankenstein's monster analogy.

At the end of the clip, Nelson tells all of those not present that he will personally attend tomorrow's second launch attempt, and will return to report to the Senate next week — when, presumably, as many Senators won't care as they didn't today.

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