Friday, October 16, 2015

Going Up, Part 8

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It's been more than two months since my last photo trip to the SpaceX upgrade of Kennedy Space Center's Pad 39A.

The external work on the horizontal integration hangar is largely complete. It's hard to see, but the erector is being assembled inside.

The gravel has been removed from the old Crawler-Transporter ramp, replaced by rails.

Several cranes are on the pad. What they're doing is ... proprietary, sorry.

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  1. Thanks for faithfully taking these photos, Stephen. Comparing these pics with your files from January, it looks like SpaceX and NASA have done very little to remove the old shuttle tower. The only thing I could visibly see that was different, was the arm for fueling the main tank--now gone. I would have guessed that they would want to remove all (or at least most) of that before proceeding too far. Maybe that was the only part in their way??

    1. The Rotating Service Structure is scheduled for removal in 2016, I'm told.

      Last week I saw a crane removing something from the Fixed Service Structure. Not sure what.

      I know that eventually they'll need to lift the lightning mast to install a crane (harken back to Apollo days) in case they need to place a payload atop a booster for a customer that doesn't like the horizontal-to-vertical erection.

  2. It's awesome fun to watch changes and monitor progress, thank you so much!!