Saturday, October 31, 2015

Retro Saturday: The Cape

Click the arrow to watch Part 1 of “Mir, Mir Off the Wall.” Video source: chalkieathome2000 YouTube channel.

Click the arrow to watch Part 2 of “Mir, Mir Off the Wall.” Video source: chalkieathome2000 YouTube channel.

“The Cape” was a syndicated TV series produced by MTM Enterprises. It aired only one season, in 1996-1997, then disappeared forever into memory.

MTM never released the series on VHS or DVD. According to various online posts, the rights to the series were sold by MTM and have gone from one studio to another.

The series was fairly sappy, but many space geeks were riveted as each week brought us an episode filmed on location in the Space Coast. Click here to find an episode guide. How plausible was, “Bull has a crisis on his hands when a bomb threatens Atlantis”?

You can also find the series discussed in this collectSpace thread.

This week's Retro Saturday features the two-part finale, “Mir, Mir Off the Wall.” The Russian space station is suffering a massive systems failure, so Atlantis is launched to investigate.

Yeah, right.

Part 1 had Atlantis damaged by a collision with Mir, so Columbia is launched to repair Atlantis.

Yeah, right.

Part 2, the series finale, features the two orbiters flying in formation, landing one behind another at the Shuttle runway.

Yeah, right.

But cool to look at.

The score by John Debney and Louis Febre was for me the most memorable part of the show — well, that and two orbiters flying in formation.

Click the arrow to listen to an extended version of “The Cape” theme. Video source: #LouisFebre YouTube channel.

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