Monday, January 18, 2016

Hide and Seek

Video shot from a helicopter of the Falcon 9 landing December 21 at the Cape's Landing Zone 1. Video source: SpaceX YouTube channel.

One of the many privileges of having access to Kennedy Space Center is that you'll come around a curve and witness history.

That happened this afternoon when I was in a vehicle driving past Pad 39A, the future home of the SpaceX Falcon Heavy and crew Dragon flights to the International Space Station.

The new horizontal hangar is being used to store the historic Falcon 9 first stage that launched and landed on December 21. SpaceX took the booster last night back to its Pad 40 launch site on Cape Canaveral Air Force Station to relight the engines.

The historic F9 returned this afternoon to Pad 39A. We happened to be driving by when security stopped traffic while SpaceX maneuvered the stage back into the hangar.


These images are taken with a cameraphone shooting through a vehicle window, so they're not the best quality.

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