Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Matthew Blows, Part 6

Click the arrow to watch video of the October 8 aerial survey of KSC storm damage. Video source: NASAKennedy YouTube channel.

At a media event today, Kennedy Space Center Director Bob Cabana said the spaceport suffered no significant damage from Hurricane Matthew.

According to a KSC blog article:

“I’m pleased to say that as of today, 100 percent of our civil service and contractors have reported in with no serious injuries or significant damage to personal property,” Cabana said. “Things can be fixed or replaced, but people are special and we have a very special family here.”

Several buildings lost part of their roofs, but critical facilities incurred no significant damage.

At nearby Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Business Insider reports that the former Titan-era Solid Motor Assembly Building (SMAB) lost several panels, and published a photo from an anonymous source.

Damage at the Cape's SMAB as reported by Business Insider.

The building is now used by SpaceX to process payloads that launch from Pad 40 on Falcon 9 boosters. Pad 40 is recovering an explosion on the pad September 1 during a static test fire.

As for United Launch Alliance, Spaceflight Now published a report quoting a ULA representative as saying Matthew “caused minor to moderate damage to facilities with no damage to flight hardware.”

UPDATE October 11, 2016 7:00 PM EDTFlorida Today reports that Matthew caused “millions of dollars” of damage at KSC.

On Friday, sustained winds above 80 mph blew through pads and processing facilities critical to the nation's space launch capability. A 500-foot tower recorded a gust as high as 136 mph.

But the eye of the then-Category 3 hurricane held 20 to 25 miles off shore, sparing the center — and the rest of Brevard County — catastrophic damage.

UPDATE October 12, 2016 — NASA posted to YouTube a video of yesterday's KSC media briefing on damage from Hurricane Matthew.

Click the arrow to watch the October 11 media briefing. Video source: NASA YouTube channel.

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